Finishing Session Pin bone removing and skinning for superior quality at highest speed

In this episode of the Salmon Sessions, Chris Brow and Dennis Schreiber, Vice President Sales & Service at BAADER, talk about how the BAADER automated pin bone removing process captures the highest degrees of bones by applying the least amount of pressure and surface chafe for ensuring both product quality and line speed.

Nils Rabe, Sales Manager, explains how the BAADER 867 adds additional value to fillets processing on-line, both as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a site-specific customized line solution. Viewers learn about the perfect interplay of the various solution components further upgraded by the BAADER 75 for a final inspection. Nils also dives into skinning technology of the BAADER 240.

Joey Steinig, Service Technician, demonstrates how the BAADER 867 is not only offering maximum yield but is also easy to use, clean and service. He not only provides useful hints about how to evaluate optimal machine calibration and operation but also demonstrates with practiced movements how the BAADER 867 can be tool-free serviced, easily adjusted and cleaned.

With Chris Brow, Dennis Schreiber, Nils Rabe and Joey Steinig

3:01 min | Release Date 09.11.2020

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  • Chris Brow


  • Dennis Schreiber

    Vice President Sales & Service


    Dennis Schreiber has been working for BAADER since 2001 in various positions and countries. His experience ranges from designing, selling and project managing processing line solutions for various species to general management. After BAADER acquired Seafood Innovations in 2013 he moved to Australia to manage the know-how-transfer into the BAADER. In 2015, he relocated to Seattle, US to take on the North American Fish & General Foods market as CEO of BAADER North America. Since August 2020, he assumes the position of Vice President for Sales & Service in the BAADER Headquarter in Germany. He is married with two kids.


  • Joey Steinig

    Service Technician


    Since 2017, Joey Steinig is a service technician out and out. A product of BAADER taught by the best, he is a true expert for our salmon solutions both on the mechanical and automation side. Always on the road, he travels to international customers wherever needed. Most of his time, he spends in Norway installing new BAADER machinery. His work is characterized by his high level of quality awareness and independency. Inspired by the Nordic landscape, he picked up climbing in his free time.

  • Nils Rabe

    Sales Manager


    Nils Rabe joined BAADER in 2019 and has been a perfect addition from day one. His colleagues enjoy his straightforward and hands-on attitude, which helped him to integrate seamlessly. He must have gained his hard-working attitude by making its way to his Master of Business and Engineering by starting with an apprenticeship before going back to school to finish his A-levels. As a Sales Manager, he offers high customer orientation and can go the extra mile to meet their needs. He is married, with three kids.


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