Bone and Skin-free Fillets at Highest Speed Finishing Solution BAADER 867, 75 and 240 #1

Nils Rabe, Sales Manager, explains how the BAADER 867 adds additional value to fillets processing on-line, both as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a site-specific customized line solution. Viewers learn about the perfect interplay of the various solution components further upgraded by the BAADER 75 for a final inspection. Nils also dives into skinning technology of the BAADER 240.

With Nils Rabe

3:01 min | Release Date 09.11.2020

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  • Nils Rabe

    Sales Manager


    Nils Rabe joined BAADER in 2019 and has been a perfect addition from day one. His colleagues enjoy his straightforward and hands-on attitude, which helped him to integrate seamlessly. He must have gained his hard-working attitude by making its way to his Master of Business and Engineering by starting with an apprenticeship before going back to school to finish his A-levels. As a Sales Manager, he offers high customer orientation and can go the extra mile to meet their needs. He is married, with three kids.


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