Animal Welfare – Superior Product Quality Harvesting Solution BAADER 101 #1

Bodo Hensen, Product Manager at BAADER, goes into depth on the precise considerations and findings on which BAADER built its stun and bleed solution. In the BAADER Technology Center, he illustrates how this expert knowledge is applied to the technology of the BAADER 101.

With Bodo Hensen

3:07 min | Release Date 12.10.2020

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  • Bodo Hensen

    Product Manager


    Joining BAADER in 2016, Bodo Hensen quickly became a recognizable face at BAADER as a Product Manager for salmon. His outgoing personality and hands-on mentality are highly valued among his colleagues, but also expresses itself when he travels around the globe and works on machine optimization. The creative father of four knows how to juggle various tasks simultaneously. When he finds the time, Bodo favours outdoor-activities such as biking.


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