Grading and Packaging Session The NEW smart interplay of fillet inspection, grading and packing

In this episode of the Salmon Sessions, Chris Brow and Dennis Schreiber, Vice President Sales & Service at BAADER, reveal a new setup for smart and gentle handling of fillets at the end of the BAADER processing line: the combination of the BAADER 1860 Fillet Inspector, the BAADER 1850 Grading System and the Bag Placing Machine, provided by our partner Niverplast, that feeds the Box Distribution System.

Sina Tautz, Project Manager explains how the new BAADER grading and packing solution at the end of the BAADER processing line is closing the loop of gentle handling of raw fish to packed fillet.

Christian Lohse, Project Sales Engineer highlight both, their individual benefits of the BAADER 1860 Fillet Inspector and the BAADER 1850 Grading System as well as their smart interplay. Supported by the B'Logic® Process Navigator Software the system ensures single fillet tracing, rating, smart and safe packing meat-on-meat and skin-on-skin.

With Chris Brow, Dennis Schreiber, Sina Tautz and Christian Lohse

3:30 min | Release Date 16.11.2020

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  • Chris Brow


  • Dennis Schreiber

    Vice President Sales & Service


    Dennis Schreiber has been working for BAADER since 2001 in various positions and countries. His experience ranges from designing, selling and project managing processing line solutions for various species to general management. After BAADER acquired Seafood Innovations in 2013 he moved to Australia to manage the know-how-transfer into the BAADER. In 2015, he relocated to Seattle, US to take on the North American Fish & General Foods market as CEO of BAADER North America. Since August 2020, he assumes the position of Vice President for Sales & Service in the BAADER Headquarter in Germany. He is married with two kids.


  • Christian Lohse

    Project Sales Engineer


    Christian completed his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering while working at BAADER. From consulting and project design to line control and contract negotiation, Christian is a true expert around salmon processing solutions. He knows how to deal with complex projects and how to simplify processes. As much as he enjoys traveling abroad for his job, he appreciates living near the Lübeck office to have more time to train for his next triathlon.

  • Sina Tautz

    Project Manager


    Sina Tautz knows what she is supervising when she manages international salmon processing line projects around the world. As an experienced engineer, she managed international projects in the pharmaceutical industry before joining BAADER. Adding her background in product development and on-site experience, Sina has what it takes to ensure a seamless project execution. As a passionate traveller, she enjoys combining personal interest with work opportunities.


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