Digital Solutions Session Accessing all relevant data everywhere and anytime

In this episode of the Salmon Sessions, Chris Brow meets with two studio guests, Henning Pedersen, Managing Director BAADER Logistix and Martin Gutberlet, Managing Director Digitalization for BAADER. With the help of three experts, they break down the various layers of data generation, capturing and processing at BAADER. The session summarizes the journey about unlocking shop floor data potential from on-premise to the cloud.

Jan-Patrick Herbst, Senior Software Architect at BAADER talks about how digital solutions inside and across BAADER machinery allow for collecting data and optimizing product flow across an entire factory for maximized product throughput.

Henning Pedersen, Managing Director BAADER Logistix deep-dives into the b’logics software that helps to optimize and control production from fish to packed fillet with full traceability.

Carlotta Rönnau, Digital Product Manager at the BAADER digital entity bTrace Tomorrow presents the Asset Manager – a selection out of many new apps allowing customers to manage their assets worldwide by use of data stored in a protected cloud.

With Chris Brow, Henning Pedersen, Martin Gutberlet, Jan-Patrick Herbst and Carlotta Rönnau

14:21 min | Release Date 27.11.2020

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  • Chris Brow



  • Henning Pedersen

    Managing Director

    BAADER Logistix

    joined BAADER in 2009 and has more than 25 years of experience within food automation and food production software. As Managing Director for BAADER Logistix, he provides production software to optimize and control production from fish to final product with full traceability. He believes that collaboration and an open information flow is key to reach the next level of food production. As a team-player, he considers BAADER as family. With his wife and kid, he shares a passion for horses, enjoys dressage riding and travelling.


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