Co-Product Session Maximum resource utilization through advanced co-product handling

In this episode of the Salmon Sessions, Chris Brow and Dennis Schreiber, Vice President Sales & Service at BAADER, tackle the subject of maximal resource utilization at highest product quality by use of the BAADERING technology.

Martin Schaarschmidt, Global Sales Manager BAADERING-Technology explains how the process of BAADERING provides superior desinewed ground meat and highest quality residual meat capturing.
Dennis Lohmann, Head of Product Management Fish offers several examples of how capturing co-products during salmon processing by using the BAADERING technology can generate additional value.

With Chris Brow, Dennis Schreiber, Martin Schaarschmidt and Dennis Lohmann

7:59 min | Release Date 10.12.2020

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  • Chris Brow


  • Dennis Schreiber

    Vice President Sales & Service


    Dennis Schreiber has been working for BAADER since 2001 in various positions and countries. His experience ranges from designing, selling and project managing processing line solutions for various species to general management. After BAADER acquired Seafood Innovations in 2013 he moved to Australia to manage the know-how-transfer into the BAADER. In 2015, he relocated to Seattle, US to take on the North American Fish & General Foods market as CEO of BAADER North America. Since August 2020, he assumes the position of Vice President for Sales & Service in the BAADER Headquarter in Germany. He is married with two kids.


  • Dennis Lohmann

    Head of Product Management Fish Manager


    Starting his career with the company in 2007 as a programmer to kick-off a revisited fish processing project at BAADER, Dennis became head of product management for the company’s fish unit within three years, taking on responsibility for the development and future planning of the entire BAADER fish processing portfolio.

  • Martin Schaarschmidt

    Global Sales Manager BAADERING-Technology


    Martin Schaarschmidt has been with BAADER since 1986 when he joined the company as a Service Technician. In 1999 he switched to the role of Lead Developer and Marketer of the BAADERING machines, where he now holds the position as Global Sales Manager. He coaxes his passion for his products with his optimism and unique character, valued by customers and colleagues. If he is not travelling to see his customers, he is with them on the phone. In his free time, he enjoys different outdoor activities like sailing or cycling or keeps his mind engaged by playing chess.


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