User and Maintenance Friendly in a New Dimension Harvesting Solution BAADER 101 #2

Dirk Runge, Project Manager at BAADER, gets his hands on the machine demonstrating the user and maintenance friendliness of the BAADER 101, one of the most renowned machines in the salmon and sea trout processing industry.

With Dirk Runge

3:32 min | Release Date 12.10.2020

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  • Dirk Runge

    Project Manager


    Dirk Runge has been a creative mind for BAADER since 1984. Ever since he joined the R&D department he has since made major contributions to the continued innovations of BAADER. He gained international experience for BAADER as a technical employee in the US, before returning to Lübeck, Germany as a Project Manager for fish solutions. His zealous personality translates to his personal life, where he engages in different sports such as cycling or performs handy-work around the house.


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