BAADERING Means Value-Adding Co-Product Solutions #1

Martin Schaarschmidt, Global Sales Manager BAADERING-Technology explains how the process of BAADERING provides superior desinewed ground meat and highest quality residual meat capturing.

With Martin Schaarschmidt

3:06 min | Release Date 14.12.2020

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  • Martin Schaarschmidt

    Global Sales Manager BAADERING-Technology


    Martin Schaarschmidt has been with BAADER since 1986 when he joined the company as a Service Technician. In 1999 he switched to the role of Lead Developer and Marketer of the BAADERING machines, where he now holds the position as Global Sales Manager. He coaxes his passion for his products with his optimism and unique character, valued by customers and colleagues. If he is not travelling to see his customers, he is with them on the phone. In his free time, he enjoys different outdoor activities like sailing or cycling or keeps his mind engaged by playing chess.


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