Combining Existing Knowledge with the Latest Technology Gutting and Inspection Solution BAADER 144 #1

Hauke Schröder-Grewe, Head of Project Department at BAADER, explains how the BAADER 144 achieves its maximum efficiency when connected to an entire gutting and inspection solution with upstream Speed Feeder System BAADER 1570, optimal transport routes, the integrated salmon gut inspection system SGI and a high-end scaling system – and tracked and monitored by the B'Logic® Process Navigation software.

With Hauke Schröder-Grewe

2:23 min | Release Date 19.10.2020

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  • Hauke Schröder-Grewe

    Head of Projects Department


    With over 20 years of experience in project and program management with a focus on turnkey solutions in the energy and pharmaceutical industry, Hauke was well equipped to take on the position of Head of Project Department at BAADER in 2016. For his job, he is always ready for frequent trips abroad. While busy there, he values his exposure to the nature of the fishing countries. It was also likely one of his early trips to a Nordic country that inspired his love for ice hockey. He has been an active hockey player with a professional coaching license for over 40 years.


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