Introducing a World Premiere – Dynamic Back Knife Filleting and Trimming Solution BAADER 581 Pro #1

Mirko Pagels, Manager Research & Development at BAADER, launch the BAADER 581 Pro – a filleting machine that represents the next generation in the evolution of robust, reliable and intelligent BAADER filleting solution for salmonids highlighting its most innovative feature: the dynamic back knife. Using technology, experience and customer feedback from the BAADER 581, the BAADER 581 Pro architecture will be a game-changer in filleting precision. 

With Mirko Pagels

2:45 min | Release Date 26.10.2020

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  • Mirko Pagels

    Manager Research & Development


    As a member of the BAADER R&D department in Lübeck, Mirko Pagels impacted the development of the BAADER 101 and the BAADER 867 and was a driving factor in finding new, innovative solutions for the whitefish filleting solution BAADER 582. In 2017, he became Manager, Research and Development and has no intention to slow down his creative spirit. He travels a lot for his job and supports our customers and colleagues around the world. As a passionate kitesurfer, it should come as no surprise that he has a natural affinity to water.


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