Filleting Session Reliable product quality of the next generation

In this episode of the Salmon Sessions, Chris Brow and Dennis Schreiber, Vice President Sales & Service at BAADER, reveal a new product feature for the BAADER filleting solution – a game-changer that connects certainty with innovation.

Mirko Pagels, Manager Research & Development at BAADER, launches the BAADER 581 Pro – a filleting machine that represents the next generation in the evolution of robust, reliable and intelligent BAADER filleting solution for salmonids highlighting its most innovative feature: the dynamic back knife.

Sven Bartusch, Final Assembly Engineer at BAADER, emphasizes proven attributes known from the BAADER 581 as well as improved design elements further improving yield, operation, efficiency, hygiene and serviceability.

With Chris Brow, Dennis Schreiber, Mirko Pagels and Sven Bartusch

2:58 min | Release Date 22.10.2020

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  • Chris Brow


  • Dennis Schreiber

    Vice President Sales & Service


    Dennis Schreiber has been working for BAADER since 2001 in various positions and countries. His experience ranges from designing, selling and project managing processing line solutions for various species to general management. After BAADER acquired Seafood Innovations in 2013 he moved to Australia to manage the know-how-transfer into the BAADER. In 2015, he relocated to Seattle, US to take on the North American Fish & General Foods market as CEO of BAADER North America. Since August 2020, he assumes the position of Vice President for Sales & Service in the BAADER Headquarter in Germany. He is married with two kids.


  • Mirko Pagels

    Manager Research & Development


    As a member of the BAADER R&D department in Lübeck, Mirko Pagels impacted the development of the BAADER 101 and the BAADER 867 and was a driving factor in finding new, innovative solutions for the whitefish filleting solution BAADER 582. In 2017, he became Manager, Research and Development and has no intention to slow down his creative spirit. He travels a lot for his job and supports our customers and colleagues around the world. As a passionate kitesurfer, it should come as no surprise that he has a natural affinity to water.

  • Sven Bartusch

    Final Assembly Engineer


    Sven Bartusch joined BAADER in 2014 as a traveling technician and has been part of many installations around the globe. In 2018, he switched departments and is now working on refining our latest fish processing machinery. Sven always puts the customer first and always finds a way to implement individualized wants and ideas for BAADER customers.


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