New Features, New Benchmark – New Dynamic Back Knife Filleting and Trimming Solution BAADER 581 Pro #2

Sven Bartusch, Final Assembly Engineer at BAADER, emphasizes proven attributes known from the BAADER 581 as well as improved design elements further improving yield, operation, efficiency, hygiene and serviceability. More on the dynamic back knife, the improved machine control system monitor, the HMI and related digital parameters.  

With Sven Bartusch

2:18 min | Release Date 26.10.2020

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  • Sven Bartusch

    Final Assembly Engineer


    Sven Bartusch joined BAADER in 2014 as a traveling technician and has been part of many installations around the globe. In 2018, he switched departments and is now working on refining our latest fish processing machinery. Sven always puts the customer first and always finds a way to implement individualized wants and ideas for BAADER customers.


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