Data Optimized Capacity & Product Management Digital Solutions #1

Jan-Patrick Herbst, Senior Software Architect at BAADER talks about how digital solutions inside and across BAADER machinery allow for collecting data and optimizing product flow across an entire factory for maximized product throughput.

With Jan-Patrick Herbst

1:36 min | Release Date 30.11.2020

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  • Jan-Patrick Herbst

    Senior Software Architect


    Jan-Patrick Herbst is a double graduate in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Engineering from Kiel University, Germany. After developing industrial PC hardware for heavy environments and special-purpose engineering projects for the transportation, food and medical industry, Jan-Patrick joined BAADER in 2007 and has been an integral part of the Projects Department at the company since. Not only does he accompany important installations worldwide on-site, but he also develops new project solutions -Senior Software Architect some even patented. As a sailor in leisure times, he has a natural connection to the sea.


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