Managing Your Assets in a Protected Cloud Digital Solutions #3

Carlotta Rönnau, Digital Product Manager at the BAADER digital entity bTrace Tomorrow presents the Asset Manager – a selection out of many new apps allowing customers to manage their assets worldwide by use of data stored in a protected cloud.

With Carlotta Rönnau

2:02 min | Release Date 30.11.2020

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  • Carlotta Rönnau

    Digital Product Manager

    bTrace Tomorrow

    Carlotta Rönnau is a Digital Product Manager since 2019 and a driving factor behind the development of new digital products and features at BAADER. She oversees the entire product life cycle, from defining the scope, building the technology, creating a great customer experience and acquiring customers. This requires her to run and fly from the design team to the development team, Marketing, Sales and back. It seems no big stretch for her since she is a sportswoman through and through. And even more so, she convinces with a consistent positive attitude.


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