Training Offerings Service & Training Offerings #2

Martin Pietsch, Manager BAADER Technology Center, BAADER shows how the BAADER Technology Center provides an ideal learning environment to train customer staff in machine handling, calibrating and problem detecting. His training courses ensure that educated operators can extend machine life and efficiency and ensure that small problems don’t turn into big ones.

With Martin Pietsch

1:38 min | Release Date 23.11.2020

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  • Martin Pietsch

    Manager BAADER Technology Center


    Martin Pietsch started at BAADER with an apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer in 2001. Working as a technician on a global scale, he deepened his knowledge and expertise of the BAADER processing solutions with a high focus on salmon machinery. In 2019, he took over responsibility for the BAADER Technology Center in Lübeck. Whether it is his training program for different BAADER machines or live customer demonstrations held in the BAADER Technology Center in Lübeck, in front of many international visitors his passion for his job and BAADER machinery comes alive – captivating for everyone who can benefit from his insights.


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