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Salmon Sessions

10-episode infotainment series focusing on the entire BAADER salmon processing line

This series will shine a light on processing equipment and solutions, as well as the company’s digital engagement. It will also include product enhancement, the launch of new products, service offerings, and more. 

New episodes of Salmon Sessions will run every Thursday through December 10th. The sessions will use a lively, informative, and entertaining TV-style format — including live demonstrations at the BAADER Technology Center in Lübeck,Germany. 
Hosted by Chris Brow and Dennis Schreiber, Vice President Sales & Service for theBAADER Fish Unit, each episode will focus on various aspects of superior salmon processing solutions.

The episodes will feature more than 20 BAADER experts who will present their knowledge and insights in a candid, personal way. From product managers to software and digitalization specialists, service and training experts, and mechanical, project, and sales engineers, the series will feature a variety of viewpoints.

Co-Product Session

In this episode of the Salmon Sessions, Chris Brow and Dennis Schreiber, Vice President Sales & Service at BAADER, tackle the subject of maximal resource utilization at highest product quality by use of the BAADERING technology.Martin Schaarschmidt, Global Sales Manager BAADERING-Technology explains how the process of BAADERING provides superior desinewed ground meat and highest quality residual meat capturing.Dennis Lohmann, Head of Product Management Fish offers several examples of how capturing co-products during salmon processing by using the BAADERING technology can generate additional value.

With Chris Brow, Dennis Schreiber, Martin Schaarschmidt and Dennis Lohmann

Co-Product Solutions #2

Dennis Lohmann, Head of Product Management Fish offers several examples of how capturing co-products during salmon processing by using the BAADERING technology can generate additional value.

With Dennis Lohmann


This product video demonstrates how the BAADERING technology of the BAADER 608 supports the value-add of meat products.

BAADERING of various meat materials allows for an optimally sorted product, free from tendon, bone and cartilage, while preserving the muscle fiber structure. The highest quality muscle meat is refined by this process is also referred to as baadered meat or BAADER meat.

For exemplary purposes, pre-conditioned pork and beef trimmings as well as pork diaphragms are baadered in this video producing a consistent and safe product quality thereby opening for utilization of previously untapped or discarded resources.

From this Series
Chris Brow
Dennis Schreiber
Vice President Sales & Service
Dennis Schreiber has been working for BAADER since 2001 in various positions and countries. His experience ranges from designing, selling and project managing processing line solutions for various species to general management. After BAADER acquired Seafood Innovations in 2013 he moved to Australia to manage the know-how-transfer into BAADER. In 2015, he relocated to Seattle, USA to take on the North American Fish & General Foods market as CEO of BAADER North America. Since August 2020, he assumes the position of Vice President for Sales & Service at BAADER headquarters. He is married with two kids.
Petra Baader
Executive Chairwoman
Petra Baader is a graduate in Business Administration and has been leading BAADER as Executive Chairwoman since 1995. Under her leadership, the company expanded into the poultry business and successfully established BAADER as a leading Brand. Petra Baader has been Honorary Consul for Norway since 1996 and has been awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit ‘Knight First-Class’. Petra Baader also sits on the advisory board of several international companies.
Robert Focke
Managing Director
Robert Focke has held a management position at BAADER since 1998. Prior to being announced Managing Director, he was Head of Human Resources and Commercial Director. The father of three grown-up kids is voluntarily engaged as Vice President of the Northern German Employer Association and serves as an honorary judge at the State Labour Court of Lübeck, Germany. As a passionate sailor, he enjoys the seas as much in his private life as he does in his profession.
Henning Pedersen
Managing Director
BAADER Logistix
Henning Pedersen joined BAADER in 2009 and has more than 25 years of experience within food automation and food production software. As Managing Director for BAADER Logistix, he provides production software to optimize and control production from fish to final product with full traceability. He believes that collaboration and an open information flow is key to reach the next level of food production. As a team-player, he considers BAADER as family. With his wife and kid, he shares a passion for horses, enjoys dressage riding and travelling.
Martin Gutberlet
Managing Director Digitalization
Martin Gutberlet joined BAADER in April of 2020 as Managing Director Digitalization with the aim of bundling all BAADER software and digital efforts and new business opportunities under one roof. He brought with him many years of experience in the field of digitalization and digital transformation, smart manufacturing, industrial IOT platforms, EDGE and cloud computing, agile management and more. He knows how to cut to the core of any issue and is a great communicator. He is married and a proud father of twins.
Bodo Hensen
Product Manager
Joining BAADER in 2016, Bodo Hensen quickly became a recognizable face at BAADER as a Product Manager for salmon. His outgoing personality and hands-on mentality are highly valued among his colleagues, but also expresses itself when he travels around the globe and works on machine optimization. The creative father of four children knows how to juggle various tasks simultaneously. When he finds the time, Bodo favours outdoor-activities such as biking.
Christian Lohse
Project Sales Engineer
Christian completed his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering while working at BAADER. From consulting and project design to line control and contract negotiation, Christian is a true expert around salmon processing solutions. He knows how to deal with complex projects and how to simplify processes. As much as he enjoys traveling abroad for his job, he appreciates living near the Lübeck office to have more time to train for his next triathlon.
Dennis Peukert
Sales Manager
Dennis Peukert joined BAADER in 2014 as Area Sales Manager for Central Europe. He double proofed his education in engineering management with a German degree and a master from New Zealand, before starting his career within machinery sales in 2008. He appreciates the hands-on approach throughout the entire BAADER organization. While on the job, Dennis enjoys travelling to different countries. In his free time, he likes to discover new places together with his wife and two sons.
Dirk Runge
Project Manager
Dirk Runge has been a creative mind for BAADER since 1984. Ever since he joined the Research & Development department he has made major contributions to the continued innovations of BAADER. He gained international experience as a technical employee in the USA, before returning to Germany as a Project Manager for fish solutions. His zealous personality translates to his personal life, where he engages in different sports such as cycling or performing handy-work around his home.
Hauke Schröder-Grewe
Head of Project Department
With over 20 years of experience in project and program management with a focus on turnkey solutions in the energy and pharmaceutical industry, Hauke was well equipped to take on the position of Head of Project Department at BAADER in 2016. For his job, he is always ready for frequent trips abroad. While busy there, he values his exposure to the nature of the fishing countries. It was also likely one of his early trips to a Nordic country that inspired his love for ice hockey. He has been an active hockey player with a professional coaching license for over 40 years.
Joey Steinig
Service Technician
Since 2017, Joey Steinig is a service technician out and out. A product of BAADER taught by the best, he is a true expert for our salmon solutions both on the mechanical and automation side. Always on the road, he travels to international customers wherever needed. Most of his time, he spends in Norway installing new BAADER machinery. His work is characterized by his high level of quality awareness and independency. Inspired by the Nordic landscape, he picked up climbing in his free time.
Martin Pietsch
Manager BAADER Technology Center
Martin Pietsch started at BAADER with an apprenticeship as a mechatronics engineer in 2001. Working as a technician on a global scale, he deepened his knowledge and expertise of the BAADER processing solutions with a high focus on salmon machinery. In 2019, he took over responsibility for the BAADER Technology Center in Lübeck. Whether it is his training program for different BAADER machines or live customer demonstrations held in the BAADER Technology Center in Lübeck, in front of many international visitors his passion for his job and BAADER machinery comes alive – captivating for everyone who can benefit from his insights.
Matthias Krellenberg
Deputy Head of After Sales Service
Matthias Krellenberg started his journey at BAADER as an electrician in 1996. After more than 15 years of serving and installing BAADER machinery around the world, he became Team Leader Customer Support in 2012. Today, he is Deputy Head of After Sales Service. Because of his vast industry experience and eagerness to consistently improve customer service strategies, Matthias holds a reputable position with customers and colleagues. As much as he is loyal to BAADER, he is dedicated to his passion for Handball, formally as a player on high level, now as a Coach.
Mirko Pagels
Manager Research & Development
As a member of the BAADER R&D department in Lübeck, Mirko Pagels impacted the development of the BAADER 101 and the BAADER 867 and was a driving factor in finding new, innovative solutions for the whitefish filleting solution BAADER 582. In 2017, he became Manager, Research and Development and has no intention to slow down his creative spirit. He travels a lot for his job and supports our customers and colleagues around the world. As a passionate kitesurfer, it should come as no surprise that he has a natural affinity to water.
Nils Rabe
Sales Manager
Nils Rabe joined BAADER in 2019 and has been a perfect addition from day one. His colleagues enjoy his straightforward and hands-on attitude, which helped him to integrate seamlessly. He must have gained his hard-working attitude by making its way to his Master of Business and Engineering by starting with an apprenticeship before going back to school to finish his A-levels. As a Sales Manager, he offers high customer orientation and ca go the extra mail to meet their needs. He is married with three kids.
Patrick Möller
Team Leader After Sales Service
Patrick Möller has been an important member of the service team at BAADER since he joined the company in 2014. Since then, his helpful and outgoing nature has lead to a position as team leader for our service technicians. Patrick, therefore, works close to the customer and not rarely travels to the customer himself to ensure the high standard the BAADER Service solutions are known for. His tough and nordic nature also shows in his free time, when Patrick likes to keep himself physically fit by performing Muay Thai.
René Hensel
Electrical Designer
René started in 2008 as an apprentice electrical engineer at BAADER and quickly rose to the research and development department, R&D. Today he is an Electrical Designer for salmon projects. When he is not working on the development of new patented innovations, he accompanies installations on site as well as at trade fairs and events. Back in Lübeck, Germany, he protects his neighbours as a member of the voluntary fire brigade.
Sina Tautz
Project Manager
Sina Tautz knows what she is supervising when she manages international salmon processing line projects around the world. As an experienced engineer, she managed international projects in the pharmaceutical industry before joining BAADER. Adding her background in product development and on-site experience, Sina has what it takes to ensure a seamless project execution. As a passionate traveler, she enjoys combining personal interest with work opportunities.
Sven Bartusch
Final Assembly Engineer
Sven Bartusch joined BAADER in 2014 as a travelling technician and has been part of many installations around the globe. In 2018, he switched departments and is now working on refining our latest fish processing machinery. Sven always puts the customer first and always finds a way to implement individualized wants and ideas for BAADER customers.
Jan-Patrick Herbst
Senior Software Architect
Jan-Patrick Herbst is a double graduate in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Engineering from Kiel University, Germany. After developing industrial PC hardware for heavy environments and special-purpose engineering projects for the transportation, food and medical industry, Jan-Patrick joined BAADER in 2007 and has been an integral part of the Projects Department at the company since. Not only does he accompany important installations worldwide on-site, but he also develops new project solutions – some even patented. As a sailor in leisure times, he has a natural connection to the sea.
Carlotta Rönnau
Digital Product Manager
bTrace Tomorrow
Carlotta Rönnau is a Digital Product Manager since 2019 and a driving factor behind the development of new digital products and features at BAADER. She oversees the entire product life cycle, from defining the scope, building the technology, creating a great customer experience and acquiring customers. This requires her to run and fly from the design team to the development team, Marketing, Sales and back. It seems no big stretch for her since she is a sportswoman through and through. And even more so, she convinces with a consistent positive attitude.