Efficient Trimming with Maximum Flexibility Automatic Trimming Solution BAADER 988 #1

Dennis Peukert, Sales Manager, highlights how optimizations and innovations like camera analysis and machine software lead to a high performance of the BAADER 988 in trimming up to 50 fillets per minute all day long. The flexibility of the machine offers the possibility to choose the most profitable trim by using so called super recipes.

With Dennis Peukert

2:21 min | Release Date 02.11.2020

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  • Dennis Peukert

    Sales Manager


    Dennis Peukert joined BAADER in 2014 as Area Sales Manager for Central Europe. He double proofed his education in engineering management with a German degree and a master from New Zealand, before starting his career within machinery sales in 2008. He appreciates the hands-on approach throughout the entire BAADER organization. While on the job, Dennis enjoys travelling to different countries. In his free time, he likes to discover new places together with his wife and two sons.


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