Smart Interplay for Superb Products Grading and Packaging BAADER 1860 and 1850 #2

Christian Lohse, Project Sales Engineer highlight both, their individual benefits of the BAADER 1860 Fillet Inspector and the BAADER 1850 Grading System as well as their smart interplay. Supported by the B’Logic Process Navigator Software the system ensures single fillet tracing, rating, smart and safe packaging meat-on-meat and skin-on-skin.

With Christian Lohse

3:27 min | Release Date 16.11.2020

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  • Christian Lohse

    Project Sales Engineer


    Christian completed his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering while working at BAADER. From consulting and project design to line control and contract negotiation, Christian is a true expert around salmon processing solutions. He knows how to deal with complex projects and how to simplify processes. As much as he enjoys traveling abroad for his job, he appreciates living near the Lübeck office to have more time to train for his next triathlon.


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